Our aim is to assist organisations and government to service the previously marginalised target audiences:
  • Men in rural and semi-urban communities
  • Women infected and/or affected by sexual violence
  • Vulnerable children
  • The disabled community
  • The homosexual community (LGBTI)
  • Women having sex with women (WSW)
  • Men having sex with men (MSM)
  • Bisexual, transgender and intersex (BTI)

The key objective for USL is to set out some common characteristics that any health professional would have towards the community infected/affected by HIV/AIDS, STD's/STI's and TB. The goal is to preach that people must protect themselves from contracting HIV/AIDS , STD's/STI's and TB and prevent the spread of the diseasse, with a primary focus on the above mentioned niche market - in the THPs practises. The Association is a non-profit organisation established for the following Primary Objectives :
  • Provide a consistency in the way that THPs, Dept. of Health and patients conduct relationships
  • Enhance key patient relationships by ensuring that the right support and direction is provided
  • Set minimum standards for the patient and provide a reference of expected processes, deliverables and outcomes
  • Monitor commitment to ensure that high standards of wellbeing are achieved and continuous improvement occurs
  • Making sure that people infected with HIV/AIDS , STD's/STI's and TB up and including other contagious diseases are diagnosed quickly enough after exposure

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