Statement of Need from Our Founders

It has become obvious to all that the whole world is devastated by HIV/AIDS and TB.
The problem has been, for both traditional and western health practitioners, people dying because of what are seen as "conflicting" healing methods. Notwithstanding the fact that HIV is preventable, infection rates continue to rise throughout the developing world and life expectancy in many African countries has decreased from around 60 years to less than 40 years. The problem of HIV/AIDS and TB in Africa remains as a terrible scar on the world's sense of right and wrong. Due to profound lack of understanding between the majority and the minority groups of the population regarding HIV/AIDS, it is clear in USL's view that HIV affects everybody in a negative way.
According to research, 50% of new HIV infections occur in the 15-24 year old age group. THPs can be used in focusing prevention efforts on heterosexuals and the LGBI and are likely to be the most effective approach to confronting the epidemic, particularly in high-prevalence countries like South Africa.
THPs have enormous cultural and mentorship influence in South Africa among diverse communities and cultures. since they are iconic community figures, well known to traditional leaders as well. Additionally, THPs are role-models and counsellors. Studies have shown in the behaviour-change theory, that role-models are highly effective at changing attitudes and behaviours through increasing self-efficacy or self-confidence.

Community Health and Welfare (Traditional Health Practitioner)

THP's play a vital role in the health and wellbeing of communities in South Africa. It is imperative that this role is recognised and harnessed in the fight against HIV/AIDS, STD's/STI's and TB up and including other contagious diseases. The primary objective of USL is to ensure that Traditional and Western-trained healers are aligned in the messages they communicate to their patients regarding the cause, prevention and treatment of HIV/AIDS, STD's/STI's and TB as well as promoting the understanding and cooperation between the groups regarding the treatment of HIV/AIDS, STD's/STI's and TB up and including other contagious diseases.


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